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the-mad-valkyrie whispered: Dullhan(Headless horseman)


In the spirit of Halloween, what type of monster could you see me as?

Do it and ill draw myself as them as well. 

Huge Image. View in full.


Recently my parents split up and now we don’t have as much money as we use to. So I don’t want to take money from my parents if I don’t have to. I tried getting a job this summer but no one hired me. So I’m opening up commissions to help earn a little spending money. 

Just send an email to with the following information:

Name: (Your name or username)

Contact: (Your email or other email you have)

Commission Type: (Sketch, Line, etc.)

What you would like drawn: (Insert references, ideas, or descriptions. And a description of their personality would help a lot.) 

Once I receive your request I will send a email back to you with your total. As I work on it I will send more emails with updates on my work, this way you can have things tweaked to how you want them. 

Payment should be sent to through PayPal.

caesar-da-clown whispered: Would you mayhaps do Caesar in #7? Are you still doing these? You're are is so pretty I have to ask ^.^


Finaly done with these color pallets

I miss Gin. He’s to fucking cute.

Anonymous whispered: Could you by any chance (if you're still doing them) draw Crocodile in #3?


One more of these color pallets then I’m done

"Unseen…Unheard…I shoot down my enemies while protecting my nakama!" - ‘God’ Usopp

Happy 400 Followers!!!


Some tasty Kenam (KenoxAmber) for the soul
bouns tho:

omg i can’t. just look at these two beautiful people being so sexy together. oh and hey theirs that cannonball jerk too 

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