"Unseen…Unheard…I shoot down my enemies while protecting my nakama!" - ‘God’ Usopp

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Some tasty Kenam (KenoxAmber) for the soul
bouns tho:

omg i can’t. just look at these two beautiful people being so sexy together. oh and hey theirs that cannonball jerk too 

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Anonymous asked: Are you still doing requests? If you are, could you do GinSan+6 please? Thank you!


black-steel-nails asked: Guess what I have more work for you: #1 with AldredXKei >:D


Anonymous asked: 1.on the forehead boa X doflamengo pls :)


newshadowblossom said:

Robin and Lucci #7, #15, #17

I tried

Anonymous said:

zosan, 9 please? <3

Anonymous said:

No.9 with Doflamingo and Sanji, if you wouldn’t mind !